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5 Free Ways to Bulletproof Your WordPress Site

by eric on October 21st, 2009 in: WordPress

These notes correspond with my WordCamp Seattle 2009 presentation of the same name. You can also view video of this presentation at WordPress.tv.

What Does “Bulletproof” Mean to me?

A bulletproof site is:

  • Usable
  • Accessible
  • Secure

Most importantly, a bulletproof site provides both your users and you with a satisfying experience, regardless of browser type, network speed, physical abilities, or preferences.

I’m going to highlight some easy tools to help you:

  1. Keep on top of backup and maintenance
  2. Tighten up security
  3. Speed up performance
  4. Identify usability & accessibility issues
  5. Increase usability by improving search

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Free CSS Book from Sitepoint

by eric on November 19th, 2008 in: Web Design

Follow @sitepointdotcom on Twitter or visit Sitepoint’s Twitaway page, and get your own free pdf copy of The Art & Science of CSS by Jonathan Snook, Steve Smith, Jina Bolton, Cameron Adams, and David Johnson.

I’ve read the book and recommend it – especially for free. Hurry – the offer is only for two weeks.

CSS off, CSS on

by eric on April 10th, 2008 in: Web Design

Well, another CSS Naked Day is over and I’m happy to have participated.

It’s a wonderful exercise, seeing plain jane markup without the benefit of CSS styling. It illustrates:

  1. the power of CSS, and
  2. how clean, non-presentational xhtml markup and logical document structure can make a site usable even without the cheery look & feel

As part of site testing, I strip away stylesheets to see what the content looks like to search engines and other devices that don’t support CSS.

I’m buck (CSS) naked!

by eric on April 9th, 2008 in: Web Design

In celebration of CSS Naked Day, I’ve stripped off my CSS and am running with my semantic markup hanging out.

Somebody sew my head on please!

CSS Naked Day is April 9th

by eric on April 4th, 2008 in: Web DesignWordPress

sewmyheadon.com will strip down and get naked on April 9th in support of CSS Naked Day.

Dustin Diaz created this ‘holiday’ to promote Web Standards by stripping away the presentational (CSS) elements on a site to show semantic markup and good structure.

If you’re running WordPress, you automate your site’s undressing using the CSS Naked Day Plugin by Aja Lapus.

I’ve got a little toning up to do beforehand – off to my workout. 🙂