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I’m buck (CSS) naked!

by eric on April 9th, 2008 in: Web Design

In celebration of CSS Naked Day, I’ve stripped off my CSS and am running with my semantic markup hanging out.

Somebody sew my head on please!

CSS Naked Day is April 9th

by eric on April 4th, 2008 in: Web DesignWordPress

sewmyheadon.com will strip down and get naked on April 9th in support of CSS Naked Day.

Dustin Diaz created this ‘holiday’ to promote Web Standards by stripping away the presentational (CSS) elements on a site to show semantic markup and good structure.

If you’re running WordPress, you automate your site’s undressing using the CSS Naked Day Plugin by Aja Lapus.

I’ve got a little toning up to do beforehand – off to my workout. 🙂

Bulletproof Your Website

by eric on August 10th, 2007 in: Web Design

Dan Cederholm’s book Bulletproof Web Design 2nd Edition is now available.

Bulletproof Your Site - Picture by Dan CederholmI scarfed this book like carrot cake and highly recommend it to anyone interested in Web Standards and creating flexible, usable sites using semantic markup and CSS.

Oh, and if you build websites and aren’t interested in CSS and Web Standards, kiss your sweet job goodbye. 🙂 Still can’t believe y’all are out there, but I’ve seen your work.

Open Source Web Design Toolbox

by eric on July 26th, 2007 in: Open SourceWeb DesignWordPress

This cool post on Design Vitality lists a bunch of sites and tools for website designers including:

  • open source web design programs
  • website templates & css layouts
  • automated CSS tools and generators
  • blog themes & templates

Creating Custom WordPress Themes

by eric on April 18th, 2007 in: WordPress

Been working with custom WordPress themes lately and stumbled upon Small Potato’s WPDesigner.com site.

Not only does he turn out lots of kick-ass WordPress themes (now under GPL license), he’s created a wonderfully exhaustive tutorial on creating custom WordPress themes.

WordPress.org also has a lot of Theme Development information that I highly recommend. But if you’re starting from scratch, definitely check out Small Potato’s tutorial. He does a great job of explaining each step in the process and the purpose of all of the included code.

Oh, the time I could have saved if I’d found Mr. Potato sooner. 🙂