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Driving Traffic with Creative Cartoons

by eric on July 27th, 2007 in: Other StuffWordPress

My Caricature

Cartoony Me

Last weekend at WordCamp 2007, I met Dr. David Klein from San Diego Chiropractic, who had a very creative and entertaining idea for attracting visitors and links to his website.

The kind Dr. Klein ran around between sessions for two days snapping pictures of WordCamp attendees after having each person hold up a large pad of paper on which they’d written:

  • the URL of their website
  • if they could be anything, what they’d like to be for a day

Then he took these photos and made caricatures of each.

This awesome idea works because it’s:

  • creative – unique fusion of blogging and artistic talent
  • effective – appeals to a blogger’s vane desire see more of themselves on the web
  • smart – has the potential to create tons of incoming links when bloggers link to their own, or friend’s, pictures
  • viral – once word got out what he was up to, people lined up to take part in the fun.

So, big kudos to Dr. Klein for coming up with a unique marketing strategy while helping make WordCamp 2007 even more fun.

Beware: here’s my picture, followed by the caricature.

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