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Photo Fun with Flickr

by eric on August 1st, 2006 in: Web Design

Flickr‘s photo sharing and community tools make organizing and sharing your pictures more fun. There are also several slick ways to use Flickr if you’re a web designer.

I know, I know, Flickr’s been out for a while and it seems like everyone is using it.

Since Flickr was nominated for several Webby Awards this year and recently won for “Best Navigation/Structure,” it got me thinking about the reasons I like Flickr:

  1. Easy to use – this is one site/web application that’s simple to navigate and even offers tools I can install on my computer that allow me to send images directly to my Flickr account.
  2. Automatically creates different sized versions of images. With a Flickr account, I can upload a batch of photos and it will make several different sized images for each picture. I can then use these images in my site by linking or downloading them.
  3. Integrates well with blog software. Post a pic to Flickr and create a blog post about it directly from Flickr using the ‘Blog This’ function. It even churns out pretty semantic code with nice little classes describing each element, making it easy to control presentation by editing a blog’s CSS.
  4. Photo streams gets their own RSS feed! Others can subscribe to my feed in a feed reader or I can use this feed in a page on my site.
  5. Social networking features allow easy sharing of photos, creation of groups, tagging, comments, etc.
  6. It’s Free! Although there’s a limit to how much I can upload with a free account per month (currently 20MB), the Pro account is very reasonable at $24.95/year.

Check out my photo stream (mostly starring my kitties) at: http://flickr.com/photos/sewmyheadon/ or, subscribe to my Flickr feed.

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