Summer of WordCamps

It's the Summer of WordCamps! After an amazing WordCamp Seattle last month, I'll be attending three more WordCamps in rapid succession: WordCamp San Francisco - July 26 - 27 WordCamp Portland - August 10 WordCamp Vancouver - August 17 In fact, my company, IvyCat is a sponsor of … Continue reading

Upgrade Parallels Tools on Ubuntu

Every time Parallels Tools needs to be updated for my Ubuntu virtual machines, I have to remember exactly how to do it, which usually involves a few clumsy Google searches. So, for the sake of posterity, and to help anyone else in the same situation, here's how I upgrade Parallels Tools on … Continue reading

WordPress 2.9 is Out!

WordPress 2.9 has just been released and it's another great step in the right direction. I've already upgraded two sites using the automatic update from within the WordPress Dashboard and everything went off without a hitch. :) There are a slew of new features and under-the-hood optimizations … Continue reading